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Here you find current informaton concerning different topics, also such that have once been up to date - sometimes you may like to read once again... this blog

No contact possible by email?

During the past weeks there has been a problem with my email account that was not visible for me immediately.

Obviously a couple of persons were unable to send mesages to my mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - sometimes they received an error notification such as "service unavailable" or similar.

I am sorry for that - and I assume and hope this problem will have been solved now.

Should you have been unable to reach me by email I ask you to try it again now.

For the case this would cause problems also now I ask you to contact me by phone or postal mail.

Have many thanks for your assistance!


Friedrich von Huene - Obituary

Friedrich von Huene

It was not until the evening of Whitsunday that I learnt of the passing of the American recorder maker Friedrich von Huene the previous week, on ‘Stockstadt Sunday’.

I have been deeply moved by this news.

Friedrich von Huene was one of the most eminent pioneers of historic recorder making. He was a tireless researcher into old instruments whom we can thank for so much knowledge about their secrets that, these days, we take for granted.

In gratitude and mourn i say my personal goodbye to him.

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News for the sound samples!

The sound samples for my instruments contain comprise a couple of musical treasures - and they are very popular.

Time for some news:

Enjoy listening!

Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco has gone away

He leaves a big gap - also for me:This sophisticated old man which - with his unique mix of deep wisdom and sparkling humor ever again fascinated me with his stories.

He has left such a richt work to this world - now it seemed that he found his moment to pass to the other side.

Here - on our earth - his voice will be missing.

And I am gratefol to him for all the joy and new kinds of view he had given to me.

Yes - and I am particularly glad  that not only I had found my pleasrue to his work - he also obviously estimated my work so much that he was not able to leave an exhibition in Austria without acquiring an alto recorder from my workshop.

He simply found so much joy in playing the reorder!

It was good to be there!


Journées de Musique Ancienne

were busy also this year.

Despite the terror of the past days also this year filled the exhibition halls.
And a nice couple of them found their new fine instrument here at my stand.

Many thanks to all of my visitors for their interest - and lots of joy for the new owndrs of a fine recorder!

À la prochaine!


It was a joy to be there...





Also this year many musicians and interested visitors came to the greatest exhibition around "Early Music" in London/Greenwich from November 12-14.

A good couple of them found a new instrument at my stand.

Many thanks for your interest!


There was a dark shadow over this weekend, caused by the awful attacks in Paris.

These cruel killers tried to hit us in our life of joy.

We will not give them that - let's continue enjoying music!


It's done...

Now also in Dutch!

Many thanks to Ms. Mayers who has done all the translation work - I am pleased to be able inform my visitors from the Netherlands and Belgium in the Dutch language again.

And - by the way - many thanks too to Ms. Burchette who coutinuously takes great care for the English translations!

And should you find a mistake - please just write to me...

By the way - the French translation will follow...

Some words for my Dutch readers

The Dutch translation of this site is im progress, however not yet finished.

I am engaged to finish it this month.

I ask you to use the English or German version until then...

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Good things can be even better ...

...with your help!

Thank you for all the positive feedback on my new site.

And many thanks for your constructive feedback - for those items whcih not yet were really satisfying.

I am busy on implementing these things...

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Everything is new - and yet familiar!

I am glad that you visit my recoustructed web site!

Everything is redesigned -  and yet I have tried to keep the familiar structure ar far as possible, so that the orientation will keep easy for you.

Surely you will find everything easily - see here a little guide to the new features ...

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