Stephan Blezinger

Meisterwerkstätte für Flötenbau

Alto recorder after J. Denner 415 Hz Grenadilla
the "winner" of 1996!

denner preis hoch

This instrument is of  very special importancefor me:

1996 this alto recorder after J. Denner from Grenadilla was awarded with the German Musical Instruments Prize.

For a long time this instrument was a good friend for me - I loved to play it by myself.

My time of active recorder music has come to an end - and this marvellous instrument may find a new home.

1995 I made this instrument from Grenadilla. It is tuned in 415 Hz, in English fingering with double holes. Of course it has been maintained and serviced regularly and it is in an excellent condition. Except the tenon threads everything is in original condition.

The recorder has a very powerful and brilliant sound, with an impeccable response in all registers. And - of course - it is broken in very well.

The price of this extraordinary instrument is  € 2.500.- incl VAT.

I reserve the decision for an new owner  - this instrument will only be given into appreciative hands.

Due to "bureaucratic" reasons this instrument can only be sold  within the European Community.

For your request I ask you to send me a personal email.